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  1. Markus Dobel

    It’s next to the hipchat circle!

  2. towo

    We’ll see where Hangouts users migrate when Hangouts gets turned into slack and maybe put behind a subscription.

    • kris kris

      I know what will happen. WhatsApp. In fact, for most it has already been happening for quite some time.

    • Telegram

      (The only Hangouts Users I know are Ingress Players, and they are migrating to Telegram)

  3. Matthias

    If it is no WhatsApp, it is broken.

    Ich biete noch Circuit by Unify.

  4. Lucia

    I miss Threema on the circle…

    • Wolfgang

      I would say Threema is a central European niche player. You could also complain that Jabber/XMPP is missing.

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