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A book on systemd, that’s what’s missing

Two years ago, I ranted on Google plus that there still is no book on systemd (actually, on systemd + journald + cgroups/namespaces and the assorted things that come with it if you are doing it right).

There are writeups such as various Getting Started articles, and there is collections to the writeups on PID Eins, but there is no book.

A book would be good, though, because it should contain stuff like this.

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  1. Maybe everyone capable enough to write a book on systemd still hopes it dies in a foreseeable future.

  2. Hartmut Holzgraefe

    I was about to say “there’s still only one book on Cmake (which is only a hardcopy of their wiki), and that’s a problem”.

    But there seems to be a second one now according to Amazon. It doesn’t improve the situation though: “This ‘book’ is in fact not much more than a collection of powerpoint slides, without explaining much of the command set at all.”

    The 1-star recension (the only one it got) ends with:

    ” If these two book are the only think CMake has to offer, I wonder how it has come so far in the community.”

    Looks like transferable knowledge …

  3. Maybe Systemd will implement a book on itself later this year…

  4. towo

    When feature iterations more or less don’t survive the writing & publishing delay, it’s a bit harder to do a book on it.

    Although, to be fair, the core functionality is rapidly approaching stability.

    • Christian

      That’s basically what I wanted to write. We use Debian Stable at work. And the bugs we encounter in Version 215 are sometimes really absurd. But if you look over at most of them are already fixed.
      And in most cases have had their behaviour or implementation changed a few times.

      So.. Even if there was a book about systemd: On which version (or distribution) should it be based?
      And.. Would you buy it?

      IMHO if they would create a more Apache HTTPD like documentation (This paramter is valid in the following contextes, can take the following arguments and was introduced in version X) would be better.

      • kris kris

        Oh, it does not have to be a printed book, a systematic reference a la the PHP documentation (which has been grown from autogenerated stubs filled with content by humans) would be awesome. Hartmut Holzgraefe had scripts to create the version info for PHP automatically. Plus another writeup that explains systemd thinking or system cookbook, and how to convert init style programs and init scripts to neat and lean systemd units.

  5. I was kind of hoping that – which, incidently, is O’Reilly’s deal of the day today – would contain that sort of things, but the word “systemd” doesn’t seem to be part of the table of content, so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    • Christian

      Cutting-Edge and no SystemD? – “Läuft.”
      Let me guess, no IPv6 either? ;-)

  6. Stefan

    As Benjamin Kix wrote what came into my mind, first, here is the second thought:
    There is no book-support in systemd? Really?

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